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bullet imagebullet imageI've been cleaning homes and carpets across the Mornington Peninsula for over 15 years so believe me when I say "I've seen it all". Bu the good thing is over all that time I've picked up some amazing hints and tips to help thousands of people not only keep their carpets clean but also their homes as well.


Old SChool Ways

If you're like me and love cleaning and carpet cleaning then sticking to what you know is the best piece of advice I can give you.

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When it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning method whether it's dry cleaning or carpet steam cleaning you need to take into account a few factors. One thing you need to think about is whether or not you need to walk onto the carpet straightaway. For example, a business which is throwing a function that evening which may need the carpets ready to walk on straight away. This is where dry-cleaning would be suitable. One of the main advantages with dry-cleaning is; as the name suggests, it's a ‘dry method’ of cleaning.

The other alternative is the popular carpet steam cleaning method. This uses high-pressure and hot water the clean deep down into the carpet fabric leaving your carpets slightly damp afterwards. Most carpet cleaning companies will use the steam cleaning method as their primary cleaning method. It's definitely the best way to clean carpets as it cleans thoroughly and also can remove most stubborn stains.

One thing you do need to take into account when using carpet steam cleaning on the Mornington Peninsula is that you won't be able to walk on the carpet straight away as the carpets will need time to dry. As far as dry time, it will depend on the type of machine that is being used. A truck and machine will use a lot more power so the vacuuming process will be a lot better, therefore the carpets dry a lot quicker.

Some carpet cleaning companies will use powerful blowers as they're known in the industry which will sit in each room and speed up the dry time immensely. Usually most companies will use blowers in a flood job after they've extracted as much water out of the carpet as possible. This creates an environemnt which dries carpet a lot quicker. Whichever method you use, you need to take into account these two important points.

Dry cleaning is great for a surface clean and also the main advantage will be the fact that you can walk on the carpet straight away. But just bear in mind that the carpet won't be cleaned as thoroughly as the steam cleaning method.

Steam cleaning on the other hand is a lot more thorough however the carpet will be slightly damp afterwards, so you do need to allow some dry time. Our main method of carpet cleaning, upholstery and rug cleaning on the Mornington Peninsula is carpet steam cleaning as it cleans a lot better and most people aren't too bothered about the dry time. Whichever one you choose they are both good methods, and either way you'll have clean and hygienically fresh carpets which is always a major plus. See carpet cleaning Mornington Peninsula services here.

Keep your Family healthy

Its super important these days to try and keep your home and carpets hygienically clean which is one of the main reasons I put this site toegther.

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